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Be part of an amazing two day hike and help raise money to prevent bowel cancer.  The Jodi Lee Foundation is a South Australian based organisation that raises money to conduct activities to educate people and help prevent bowel cancer.  One of their fund raising activities each year is to conduct a two day hike on the Heysen Trail in South Australia.

But in 2016 they wanted to bring their message and fund raising endeavours to Victoria and they picked the best possible location for this event – the Goldfields Track.


You’ll cover just over 70km in two days, so it’s not a walk for the faint hearted, but it will be an amazing experience.  Day 1 takes in a section of the Wallaby Track from Mollongghip to Hepburn Springs.  Day two will see you head off from Hepburn Springs along the Dry Diggings Track and end at Fryerstown. 


It’s a supported event and you’ll be well looked after, but you’ll need to fit and ready for the walk.  So sign up as an individual, with a group of friends, family, or workmates and get training.


There’ll be blisters and tired legs but an extraordinary sense of achievement and your fundraising efforts will help continue with work of the Foundation.  You could be like the happy group in the picture from this year's SA hike.


For more information and to sign up now (places are strictly limited) visit the Jodi Lee Foundation’s website.