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Hike for the Thin Blue Line is about raising awareness and funds for the Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Follow Tarryn, Vincent and Kevin as they take on the full Goldfields Track and give generously to this great cause.  They'll be hiking and camping with support of family and friends, and dropping into each town along the way.  If you see them, give them some encouragement (and I'm sure they'd appreciate a coffee and a biscuit!) and make a donation. 

The three have family and friends connections to the police force and want to raise awareness for the stressful duties suffered by police officers.

We'll follow their journey on our Goldfields Track Facebook page, but you can find out more about them and their cause on their Facebook page.   Please make a donation here, and quote "Hike for the Thin Blue Line" in the reason for your donation, so they can keep a tally of all that they raise.

Good luck on your walk team, it's a very worthy cause.