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Be part of the Public Inn long table feast, featuring amazing local produce, in a unique location; the old Castlemaine Fire Station, right next to re-PUBLIC.

The celebration begins at 6.30pm, with a regional aperitif, followed by a four course dinner.  All food and beverages for the night are sourced within 100 miles, and showcase regional artisan farmers, producers, bakers, brewers and winemakers.

How can you wrong with dishes such as:

Mount Franklin Organics zucchini flowers, Holy Goat fromage blanc in a turmeric tempura batter, zucchini and lemon ‘spaghetti’


McIvor Pork scotch fillet, ‘corned’ in spiced Henry of Harcourt cider, garlic and mirin puree, Mount Franklin Organics pickled baby turnips, and B&B Basil dandelion leaves

$88 per head for the four course dinner, aperitif and glass of local wine.

Bookings essential, more information here.