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Experience the Wallaby Track with ultra-runner, Shane Hutton.

In 2013 Shane did an ultra-run on the Goldfields Track, covering almost the full 210kms in 2 days!  Now he wants to show others how much fun trail running can be.  But don’t worry, you can take a bit more time.

Usually you’d complete such a run over a long weekend, but in an attempt to cater for trail runners with no annual leave, Shane has split it up into 3 awesome weekends!  With only around 30km covered each day, it’s an achievable goal for many trail runners.

Accommodation, meals, support car, and of course Shane running alongside you – it will be an amazing experience. 

Please note the date for the Wallaby Track run is still to be confirmed  To make sure you don't miss out on this amazing experience, contact the team at ultralife.com.au