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Of all the antique fairs held across Australia, you can't miss the Fryerstown Antique Fair, and the Goldfields Track goes right past!  It's an absolute must for dealers, stall holders, collectors and just if you wan to browse.

Starting back in 1975 to raise funds to save the historic hall, the fair grows in popularity every year (2017 will be the 42nd fair!) and funds raised are still used to maintain the hall.

Held in and around Fryerstown's historic Burke and Wills Hall, you will find fine antiques, Australiana, hobby collectables, furniture, old kitchenware, vases, pottery, odds and ends, pieces to mend, pieces to treasure, maybe even an old bike or walking stick.

Come, browse, buy and enjoy the historic setting that is Fryerstown.

More information on the Fair can be found here.