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Be part of a the premiere of a new radiophonic work, Jaara Jaara Seasons by internationally renowned sound artist, Ros Bandt

Ros's work aims to encourage deep listening to country and to honour those who have gone before. Ros will be joined by performers including Rick Nelson (Jaara Jaara voice), Kinja - Ron Murray (didgeridoo/stories) and Sarah James (violin/voice), Mary Doumany (harp/voice), Le Tuan Hung (dan tranh), Wang Zheng Ting (sheng), and Ros Bandt (tarhu, psaltery/slide whistles/recorders).

To be part of this event meet at the Fryerstown School, 5 Camp Street, by 3:30pm to walk to the bush site for a 4:00 pm start.  The performance is 50 minutes duration.

For more information visit hearingjaarajaara2013