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Get along to the Creswick Woollen Mills for something you don't see everyday.

On the first weekend of March, the Mills will host Australia's largest stand alone fleece show, the Alpaca Fleece Show.  The Woollen Mills are Australia's oldest coloured woollen spinning mill, and a proud advocate for alpaca fleece.

With entries from all over Australia, the Alpaca Fleece Show will judge the best of the best. 

Learn about this luxurious fleece, about owning and caring for Alpacas, and the ins and out of the Alpaca industry. See, feel and purchase a fantastic range of products made from this beautiful fibre.

Special lectures will be held over the two days:

Saturday 5th March:
10:00am - Alpaca Care
1:00pm - Fleece - Hands on session.
3:00pm - The Alpaca Industry

Sunday 6th March:
10:00am - Alpaca Care

You can also take a tour of the Mill, and make sure you visit the interactive exhibition A Very Fine Yarn.

More info at Creswick woollen mills website