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Need a new beanie for winter?  Get to Beanie Central, in Castlemaine from May 27-29, for Beanie Affair.  The three day event is a wonderful showcase of the expertise of local textile artists.   Meet artisans, be inspired, learn new skills and purchase beautiful beanies, hand spun yarn, and other textile works.  Most of the items on display will be for sale.

Guaranteed, your new beanie will not only be a work of art, but also keep your head warm! 

You'll fine Beanie Central in the heart of Castlemaine, at the Market Building in Mostyn Street - an easy stroll, (or ride) from the Castlemaine Train Stration. 

There will be workshops and demonstrations on a range of textile crafts.

For more information, and to get a feeling for the wonderful works available, visit the Beanie Affair website or follow them on Facebook.

If you're a textile artist, there are various categories, entries close 9 May - entry details and the entry form are available on the Beanie Affair website.