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It's on again and bigger than before.  The Brackenbury Mountain Bike Challenge in Creswick is now two days of cycle activities for all, including a 'social ride saturday' to explore some of the trails not seen on race day and an expanded junior program.

With a course that changes from year to year, there is terrain to suit even the most hard-core cyclist whilst providing a range of options to suit the beginner and the weekend warrior.

With a 25km or 50km track, there will be ups, downs, twisty fire roads, pine forest, Goldfields Track and plenty more. Be as competitive as you like but most of just come and give it a go.  And for the U18s, a new 10km event, that will still provide plenty of challenges without the distance.

More info at the Brackenbury website, or the Brackenbuy Creswick on Facebook