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Over 40 artists in Castlemaine and surrounding artistic enclaves will throw open their doors to the public for a festival of open studios

This special opportunity to catch a glimpse into the wondrous ways of living breathing visual artists will be available to all on the last weekend of April in Castlemaine and surrounds. 

The Castlemaine area has gained a reputation for harbouring a disproportionate number of artists in its midst. Up until now many have been cloaked in invisibility, secreted away in their hidey-holes, daubing away on their masterpieces into the wee hours with a candle on the head to light the way, no more contact with the outside world than an occasional foray down to the Artist’s Market at Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal.

While many artists are very private, and particularly so about their studies, Arts Open managed to cajole these sensitive souls to open their doors in the name of cultural enlightenment, and you will be the beneficiary.

For more details on this special weekend, visit the Arts Open website.